I often get emails from spammers (marketers) saying that they can rank my site in the top results (like I want that). I delete them or they get caught by my spam filters. But this is the first email, I remember, getting from MarketSmart Interactive, you know, aka Keywords Ranking, aka WebSourced. Here it is word for word:

Subject Good Morning:

I hope all is well.

I undestand the market today is a challenging place to complete, so wouldn’t it be great to know everything about your competition and what you need to do to compete and move ahead of them. I would love to discuss what you are doing to resolve some of your concerns, go over some of your goals, and learn more about the business model that you are using and if its focused on selling into and through resellers or one of the other avenues. Also I would love to talk about what you are doing to increasing your conversion rate, driving traffic to your website or event, or getting a higher rank in Google among your industry. Do you have any time this week or next to talk a little bit about these concerns?

MarketSmart Interactive creates synergistic interactive experiences that can effectively change your target audience’s online experience and behavior.

We're justifiably proud of our reputation as a Publicly Traded Marketing Firm (THK)for providing breakthrough thinking, innovative solutions and solid results. It has landed us some of the world's most admired companies such as Motorola, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Sketchers, Black and Decker, Dewalt and Citi Financial among hundreds of others.

Our core solutions include, but are not limited to:
Organic Search Engine Optimization
Media Buys and Email Marketing
Conversion Enhancement
Competitive Intelligence
Paid Search/Sponsorship Marketing
Usability/ Behavioral Targeting
Linking Strategies
Affiliate Marketing

Bill Ross
National Marketing Executive
MarketSmart Interactive, a Think Partnership Company
Direct Line: 919-433-3024
Fax: 919-433-3030

Has such a large firm, with such a huge and proud reputation, not know who I am? I would hope that those involved in search, day in and day out, would recognize my name, the company name, etc... I do write about this stuff all day at two pretty popular search blogs.

This is just sad to see from a company that I once had respect for.