I want a place to speak my mind, talk about things search and not-search related. Heck, if I want to blast Google for doing something but give them real attitude, I can do it here. Heck, if I disagree with Danny at Search Engine Watch, I can do that here also. If I had a bad day, I can whine about it over here. If I want to share fun experiences with the world (if they care) I can do it here. The list goes on, this is my personal blog, but it also will contain recaps of what I did in the search world today in the Daily Search Coverage category. In addition, I may give some SEO or SEM tips that I feel are not appropriate for the SEW or SER blogs I write at. ;)

All in all, I want to write what I want to write and not have to worry about what people want to hear. Don't get me wrong, I love the other two blogs, I enjoy it a ton. But, sometimes, I have things to say that don't fit in those blogs.

Welcome to the Cartoon Barry Blog, where Cartoon Barry can speak his mind.

P.S. It makes it easier to speak your mind if you use a cartoon as a mask.