I have been meaning to compile an ordered list of blogs that I am most likely to read in more detail. By that I mean, blogs I read in my RSS reader (Bloglines) that I am most likely to click through, from the RSS reader, to the blog itself to read. Rand pushed me to write this based on his ranked list. Here is the ordered list of blogs I am most likely to click-through on.

I list all the blogs I read currently in my link farm section of this site. I have pulled out the 76 SEM blogs in the current list. This is an ordered list of which blogs I am most likely to click over to from my RSS reader (this is not based on actual metrics, since I don't have those numbers, would be cool to have that Bloglines, wink wink): Oh, of course, I left Search Engine Roundtable off the list, and I probably should of left Search Engine Watch off the list, either way, here it is.

  1. Search Engine Watch Blog
  2. Google Blogoscoped
  3. Matt Cutts
  4. SEOmoz
  5. JenSense
  6. ResourceShelf
  7. Shoe Money
  8. News.com: Google
  9. Search Engine Journal
  10. Steve Bryant
  11. ZDNet Googling Google
  12. Stuntdubl
  13. SEO Book
  14. Bill Tancer
  15. Bruce Clay Blog
  16. ClickZ News
  17. SEO By The Sea
  18. SEO Scoop
  19. Threadwatch
  20. David Naylor
  21. Tech Crunch
  22. Techmeme
  23. Yahoo Search Blog
  24. Ask Jeeves Blog
  25. Google Blog
  26. Inside AdSense
  27. MSN Search Blog
  28. Inside AdWords
  29. InsideGoogle
  30. On Google Scholar
  31. Battelle's Searchblog
  32. SearchViews
  33. V7N Blog
  34. Lee Odden
  35. Kim Krause's Blog
  36. Mike Grehan
  37. Smart Keywords
  38. Search Engine Guide
  39. Marketing Pilgrim
  40. PaidContent.org
  41. Link Building Blog
  42. Search Engine Blog
  43. Traffick
  44. Jeremy Zawodny
  45. Jim Boykin
  46. Link Spiel
  47. MSN Shopping Insider
  48. Greg Sterling
  49. Todd Friesen
  50. Shandy King
  51. Greg Linden
  52. Ask Kalena
  53. Gray Hat News
  54. Comparison Engines
  55. Greg Boser
  56. Chris Boggs
  57. Justilien
  58. Pandia
  59. David Wallace
  60. Dirson
  61. Search Engine Showdown
  62. Joe Morin
  63. Multilingual Search
  64. Marcia's Blog
  65. ResearchBuzz
  66. Robert Scoble
  67. Russell Beattie
  68. Niall Kennedy
  69. SiliconBeat
  70. David Sifry
  71. Thomas Bindl
  72. Tim Bray
  73. Unofficial Google Weblog
  74. Xooglers
  75. In Search Of Stuff
  76. Vinny Lingham

If I do not have you on my list, feel free to comment and I will make sure to update my blogroll and then possibly add you to my list.

Hope I didn't insult anyone...

Update 11/1/2006: I have updated the link farm to include over a 150 resources.