I am happy to say that I have finished setting up my necessary Windows applications on my MacBook Pro. Tuesday I set up Parallels Desktop for Mac, activated my Windows XP Pro license, and let it sit. Today, I configured the settings of the OS how I like it, transferred over the applications I need, and tested them out.

I also "installed parallels tools" which in affect made everything run smoother between Mac OS and Windows XP. Such as:

  • Setting up a shared folder between the two OSes
  • Enabling copy and paste between the OSes
  • Ensuring all drivers work (mouse, printers, internet, etc.), mouse even runs as smooth as it does on Mac, which is huge.
  • Don't have to click off the Windows screen to use OS X, it just scrolls off like two different screens.

Here is a screen capture of my desktop state on both OS X and OS XP. I blurred stuff out on the larger version, such as my buddies screen names...

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So now I can trash my Dell!!!