RustyBrick OGIO BackHawaii SEO came up with a great contest idea, winning himself a RustyBrick bag filled with RustyBrick Bag filled with Search Engine Roundtable YoYos.

Now you can win the same thing... How?

In the comments area below, list out a contest idea to win a bag. The individual that comes up with the best contest idea, wins an RB bag filled with many SER YoYos.

Yes, that means there will be one more chance to win an RB bag filled with SER YoYos. Whatever contest idea I pick, the winner of that contest will also win an RB bag filled with many SER YoYos.

I think I will keep this contest open until Friday the 24th of November. So think of your ideas and submit them. If someone posts the same idea, I will pick the first one that posted it. You can submit as many ideas as you like, so yes, multiple entries for this contest is allowed.

Good luck and congrats to Hawaii SEO for this idea and for winning an RB bag filled with many SER YoYos. Hawaii SEO, email me with your address info...