krestlogo.gifMost of you know, I am all over all the search marketing conferences. From SES San Jose to SES New York and SES Latino all the way to WebmasterWorld's PubCon Vegas. Heck, I even went to SES Sweden in 2004. But often, the places I go, do not have kosher food available or nearby.

That is typically why, the only times you see me going out for dinner with folks is in NYC. Chris Boggs, invited me out for dinner in Las Vegas (yes, they have a few kosher places) but it is typically sometimes easier for me to bring frozen meals and eat in the room.

So for Vegas, I bought some meals to go, and stuffed them in my carry on. I typically go with Noah's Ark travel meals but since it is in Teaneck, NJ, it takes me about 30 minutes to pick up those meals. But local place named Meal Mart has a similar deal, in fact, they have a web site named Kosher Meals To Go. So I walked into the store and they packaged, fresh for me, two Grilled Chicken Breast meals for me, with two sides of potatoes.

So I have two meals for the road, frozen, now sitting in my carry on, in my car, for the trip.

What is all this Kosher stuff? I didn't confirm everything the Wikipedia had to say, but you can read about it there.

And if you are looking for kosher places to eat, I highly recommend