So like many folks, I was lucky to get the Google Digital Picture Frame. But like many, I also had some technical difficulties.

First here is a picture of the frame working....

Google Digital Picture Frame

  1. What I did was write a piece of code using the Flickr API to pull photos I tag with a certain code off the Flickr server, down to a holder on my server.
  2. I then had to drag them over to a PC to connect the frame to something the frame will be recognized on.
  3. Then to get it to work, I had to use the Microsoft PowerToys - Image Resizer, you can download it here.
  4. Then I had to rename them so there were no spaces or funky characters in the file name.
  5. Then I had to upload it to the "Photos" fold on the digital photo frame.
Presto, pictures.

Oh, no one I know, can figure out how to remove that ugly blinking picture of a yellow battery. Removing the batteries, plugging it in, nothing gets rid of it!