Logitech VX - My MouseFor a while I have been using the Apple Mighty Mouse, but it was working against me. After a few months of use, I had to constantly (several times a day) clean the little scroll ball, because it got dirty and would scroll. So I gave up on the cool looking, simplistic mouse for a more functional and sturdy one.

I bought the Logitech VX Revolution and after owning it for a couple months, I can say, I love it. Of course, like any new mouse, it took a couple weeks to get used to. But the features and durability rocks.

I am able to configure the dozens of buttons on this mouse on a per application basis. I actually just set them all to do the same thing for all applications. My most favorite features outside of the scroll wheel working are:

  • Side buttons that allow me to use it to go forward or back in my browser - huge time saver
  • Find button that I programmed to bring up dashboard
  • Pressing the scroll wheel, does Expose on my Mac
  • Left and right scrolling is neat in Photoshop
  • Zoom buttons are nice
  • Wireless is nice, no cords to trip over
I use a mouse all day, and for it to work against me and not with me was no longer an option. I am very happy I made the switch. This is a great mouse, I highly recommend it. Also check out the MX, if you are very feature happy.