ser-small-find-threads.gifThis is a question I get every now and then. For some background, my search blog, Search Engine Roundtable, reports on the "pulse of the search marketing community." What that means is we try our best to find our article stories directly from the search community, within search forums.

People often wonder how I and the crew find our threads. Well, I am not going to give away all my secrets but I will tell you some basics.

Every morning, normally between 6:45am and 7:45am (EST) I do my "forum research." This includes a bunch of things.

How Do I Find Good Search Marketing Threads:

(1) I go to my preferred forums first; they include:

(2) I scan all new posts from the last time I visited the forum. I try to spot quality signals from these posts. Quality posts have certain signals:

  • Descriptive titles
  • Nice number of responses relative to post data and forum membership numbers
  • Thread creator is long time contributor
  • Thread commenter(s), those that reply, are long time contributors
  • The thread views are high, relative to data and membership
  • A search representative participated in the thread

Don't get me wrong, these signals are just that, signals and they do not work 100% of the time. So some times you got to go with your gut and dig deeper yourself.

(3) If content is low, I then go to my secondary search forums list and do the same in step two.

(4) I then have some tricks to find some really hot threads, but I cannot share those tricks.

(5) I rarely ever get people submitting a thread to me. I wish I did. But people rarely use the submit a thread form to inform me of good posts. And I rarely ever get notifications from forum moderators or administrators of quality threads. So this is an open invitation... Please use the submit a thread form to send us quality threads - don't worry if you are unsure - we won't yell at you. But if we do use your submission, then you are likely to get link credit...

That is how I find some of the threads I post at the Search Engine Roundtable. Again, I didn't list my secrets, and I doubt I ever will, but there is some information for you.