rustybrick-cutts.jpgI had a dream last night, I don't remember it 100%, but I do remember the theme. Matt Cutts was leaving Google in my dream. It was weird. It seemed to be based in a camp setting, like a camp with wood lodging, but a camp for kids - but adults were there.

For some reason, Matt decided to cook up a storm, even though the camp had cooks. He made this weird egg thing, but a ton of it, enough to feed the camp - but only he ate it.

Then Matt went on a quick trip, I don't remember where.

But when he got back, he crossed out a big sign that had his plans on it, his future plans. It showed that Matt would be leaving Google.

I got serious issues: (1) Dreaming about search stuff. (2) Dreaming about an other man.

Why do I share this? Well, he did take an extended vacation and this time, unlike last time, Google's relevancy wasn't doomed. So does my What If Matt Cutts Left Google? article still apply?

Based on my dream - not as much.

Am I prophet? LOL - no. But how crazy would it be if Matt announced his retirement this month?