LED KippahHave to thank Judah over at Diamond Vues for spotting this puppy.

LEDKippah.com is selling Kippah's, the thing some Jews wear on their heads, with scrolling LEDs on them.

A Kippah (כִּפָּה), also known as a yarmulka (יאַרמלקע) is a head covering for a Jewish male. You see it on my cartoon picture above. They came in various colors, styles, sizes and fabrics.

This is the first geeked out one I have seen. So guess what? I ordered one.

They are pretty expensive, but I figured - I'll splurge on this one.

1 - 5 Pieces $20
6 - 24 Pieces $18
25 - 50 Pieces $16
51 - 100 Pieces $15
101+ Pieces $14.50

I think shipping is $10.

I'll let you know when I get it and Ill post some head-shots.