250px-BatmanRobinI am pretty excited, I actually hired a person to help me with my day to day stuff at RustyBrick. I guess a sidekick, if you will. Who is this person? Well, I won't say until this he or she starts working at RustyBrick.

There was no real job opening for this position. I received an email last week asking if the person's skills can be of use to me. I said, I am not sure, so we meet on Sunday morning to discuss. After interviewing the applicant, I decided to make an offer yesterday.

The applicant accepted.

What will be the roles of this "sidekick" position? Honestly, I am not a 100% sure yet. I am hoping that this individual will help me with the stuff I do every day and maybe even more. So far, I think the roles will be:

I won't be spilling the name of this new hire. I can say, this person has been recently out there in the industry, blogging and writing articles that you may have read. So the name might not be new to you. But I know this person has tons of potential and can grow tremendously in a short time.

It is funny that I am very excited about this, when less than a week ago, I had no idea a position like this was even open.