250px-BatmanRobinThis is great, the sidekick I hired has not even started yet and is already being challenged.

Lisa Barone, who I think rocks, has issued a warnings to the, soon to be announced, sidekick.

Sidekick, whoever you are, it’s on!

Lisa is too funny. You have to love her writing style. But should my sidekick be afraid? I am not sure. What is even funnier, to me, is that they both know each other.

And Lisa, don't kid me on giving up warm and sunny California, for dark and cold New York.

It is actually a bit weird for me to keep calling this person a sidekick. Hope no offense is taken, it is meant with sincerity.

In any event, I suspect to announce the name of the mystery sidekick some time this week. The sidekick starts a week from today, if all goes well. Oh, and don't let Lisa scare you. :)