2006102203152694_avatar.jpgLooks like Chris has spilled the beens and told the world that Tamar Weinberg is the mystery sidekick.

Tamar has been blogging since she has been in college, in fact starting her first blog while at Barnard College. She graduated from Columbia University in the City of New York with a BA, Computer Science / Psychology. Tamar has tons of talents, from being hired to work at 10e20 as a systems administrator to writing on SEO and social media topics at their blog. She also has a wonderful personal blog at Techipedia. Tamar is also a very talented photographer, as you can see by her Pixelopera photo blog.

As Chris said, I have agreed to Tamar helping out at the 10e20 blog for the next two months while Chris finds a replacement for Tamar. In fact, I will be encouraging Tamar to join all the SEM Forums and participating heavily throughout the day.

Tamar will have a ton of roles at RustyBrick:

  • Writing for the Search Engine Roundtable
  • Helping me with research for Search Engine Land
  • Helping with our search conference coverage (see her at SES NYC)
  • Writing content for RustyBrick
  • Doing project management work
  • Helping me on the client management side at RustyBrick
  • Do some video casts with me on search stuff
  • Participating heavily in SEO/SEM forums
  • Participating in social media networks
  • The list really goes on and on...

I hope she knows what she got herself into. ;-)

Like I said before, I am very excited about this.

I want to wish Chris and his soon to be wife, a congrats on their upcoming wedding this Saturday. And if you need anything from me or Tamar, we will be there for you during this exciting time. Enjoy the wedding and your future together!