Like I noted at Search Engine Land this morning, I now have the potential to become a billionaire over night. Did I get your attention? Ok so with being approved for PPA, I now can place ads where I can make a flat fee for each desired action taken. So since there are very few restrictions on the Google referral products, I am going to tell a story using Google Pay Per Action referral ads. Now please, I encourage you to click on the ads (because I can encourage you to do so).

A lot of you are search marketers and you know I don't need to tell you that you need serious help with your SEM and PPC skills. So please seek help with:

I know you will need to somehow get to this seminar. And that may require driving. If so, you will need insurance. Because if you crash on the way there, g-d forbid, and you blame me and lose your house, wife and job because of it - I will feel personally responsible. So, make sure you have good auto insurance, if not - try these guys:

And yes, you need to bring a notebook, laptop and a bunch of Google Pens with you to this seminar. Where do you expect to put all this stuff! Do you think you can carry it all in your hands! NO! You will need a bag and a good bag from these guys:

So you have a long day at this seminar and you get sleepy. What are you going to do? Drive home? I hope not. It is best you stay in a hotel or motel near the event and drive back the next day. Find a place to stay with these fine folks:

I know I talked about getting into an accident. But what if it is not your fault, what if some nut drives you off the road. You better find a good car accident lawyer:

We all know lawyers cost a lot, and because of that you may go into debt. Not saying you will go into debt, but it is possible. To get out of debt, use these guys:

But Barry, how do I call a lawyer with out a phone? I hear ya and don't worry, I got you covered with this cell phone ad:

You call the lawyer and he/she asks, why did you crash? Later on, they slap it on you because you forgot to bring you eye classes and you couldn't see the telephone poll in front of you. So you slammed into it. The judge orders you to click on my ad below for contact lenses!

All this hype and crazyness makes you a pop star and ABC News wants to interview you but wait a sec, you need promotional T-shirt to show off your new personal brand. Is there any better way to show off your new dot com then a customized t-shirt?

But now it is in style for stars to take pictures of their fans. So you need the latest digital camera... Yea, I got you covered:

I am going to stop here with the storiy. I know I am only up to letter "D" in the alphabet, but this is a long story that I may want to break up over multiple days.

Tune in next time!