Adam Lasnik, the mini-Matt, of Google, wrote Stop being a twit on twitter!

My response. Stop being a twit about twitter.

The box where you enter your twitter communication into specifically asks, "What are you doing?"

If I am waking up, taking a walk, about to shower or writing a blog post - those following me on twitter may want to know or may not.

Twitter is not a blog it is a quick way to put down what you are doing at the moment.

I twit if I am going through my feeds or running through forums or going to play basketball or if I am at a wedding. Doesn't matter how big or small it is, it is twit worthy, in my opinion.

Adam explains that your twitter communication has to be "informative or entertaining." No it doesn't. Did I know that when I was leaving for the airport, that there would be a major accident in the GSP, that made me twitter that i think i will miss my flight that ended up coming true. The twitters goes on, but as you can see, something that was very not interesting or entertaining, turned into something that was. Without that first twitter, it would not have been as entertaining.

Monty Loree left a comment at Adam's blog saying, "I get a sense that many people who spend countless hours isolated behind a keyword, need an out let to say things like “I ate a cheese burger” etc."

It is true, very true. Twitter gives that to me. I blog dozens of times per day. Let me have my out and don't be a twit about it. ;-)