fiber spindlesI think. I have been patiently waiting for Verizon FiOS to come out next to my office. I know our neighbors in N.J. have it.

So I called and they told me that when I see cable spindles, that is a sign that they are laying the ground with fiber for Verizon FiOS.

So I hope that the spindles I just saw next to my office building are for Verizon FiOS, I hope.

I currently have both T1 and Cable Internet in the office. The T1 costs me about $550 per month, I can get it for about $300 now, but I would have to renew for 2 years. I know FiOS is around the corner, so I am holding out. Once FiOS gets here, I will replace the T1 with it and run both Cable and FiOS.

It appears that they offer static IPs so that would work well.

So I am a bit excited over spindles, is that normal? :)