USA & Canadian BorderWell, not really. But I want free stuff from Google and apparently, if you say Google Sucks on your blog, you may get a freebee from Google.

Yesterday I reported that Google Transit Sends Upset User Superman Cape. Yes, they did!

One guy almost died trying to cross over an eight-lane highway on foot, based on Google Transit's suggestion. OK, fine, he didn't almost die because he was smart enough not to attempt crossing an eight-lane highway on his tricycle. But he blogged that Google told him to. And guess what it got him? A Super Man Cape from a Googler.

Well, did I once tell you that I used Google Maps to drive back from SES Toronto. I got to the USA / Canadian border and they arrested me!

Well not really. They asked me a billion questions and the border, then asked me to drive my car into this small garage. Then they asked me and my friend to step out of the car and wait in a small room. Then after checking some things about me and the car, they said I can go.

So I almost got put in jail for life because of Google Maps! Who knows, maybe, just maybe, I could have been sentenced to death! Maybe!

To make things worse, after I got back on the highway. Within 1 minute, I truck picked up a rock from it's back wheel and it hit my windshield and cracked it. As I drove the 6 hours or so back, the tiny crack grew to cover the whole windshield of the car. Good thing insurance covered it but I almost fell out of the car while driving because the windshield could have fallen of the car. Yes, I blame Google Maps!

Google Sucks until I get something free from them. ;-)