macbookpro-temp.pngNathan Weinberg was complaining his CPU spiked to 147 degrees fahrenheit. Come on! That is not hot.

On average my CPU is at about 160 degrees. MacBook Pros are made to run hot.

If my CPUs were in your laptop, your case would melt.

Actually, I keep my laptop on a coolpad which helps it say at the coolest possible temperature. By keeping it elevated, air circulates around the machine and flows through.

How do I know how hot my Mac is?

I use a Mac Widget named iStat Pro from which shows you not just temperature, but tons of other details on:

  • CPUs (up to 8 cores)
  • memory
  • hard drives
  • IP and external IP
  • bandwidth
  • battery
  • wireless keyboard
  • mouse battery
  • uptime
  • temperatures
  • fans

To name a few. So Nathan, you keep your laptop in the freezer. I'll blog a bit more. ;-)