Finals_wt.gifThe initiation of the RustyBrick Cyber Athlete Match Up was on Friday, May 11th.

We started with the xBox 360, played a war game, and most of us were destroyed but one RustyBricker. It happened to be the one who owned that xBox. So I thought, maybe it was rigged. I brought my PlayStation 3 in this past Friday, May 18th. Biy was I wrong. The same RustyBricker who dominated last week, on his own xbox, beat us all on the PS3.

So now it gets competitive. He had to leave early. We had time to practice. I won some, another bricker one some. Next week, we go after the one who kills us all. Keep in mind, we play shooter games mostly.

We are thinking of doing a real competition with a trophey at the end of the season (whenever that is). I found this fitting trophy for the winner.


Want to see us in action? Here it is:

Honestly, I enjoy this stuff. Plus I think it is good for the company. 1 hour break, per week, to end the week, builds company unity - gotta be something to that. Now I just need to get some of the other guys to play.