No one is perfect, even-though we strive to be, or do we? Anyway, that is for another blog post. There are things that I wish I was more serious about. Well, maybe not "serious" but "devoted to" or "scheduled to" to do on a daily basis.

Here is a list that comes to the top of my head as I write this:

  • Learning Torah more often, the daily dose is great and all, but I still feel guilty about not doing much more than that.
  • Eating the right things, I am getting older and I know I should take better care of myself.
  • Playing sports harder than I do, I am lazy but I do play well.
  • Brushing my teeth better, things are OK, but I should do better.
  • Being more patient with people. I am known to do things very quickly and thus I have very little patience. Sometimes that is transparent to others.
  • Going to evening prayers (I got mornings and afternoons down, but I get tired at night).
  • Sometimes I blog too much, need to be careful with that.
  • I am sure there are other things, but they don't come to mind right now.

Family, feel free to blast me in the comments. Friends, maybe you shouldn't. ;-) Fellow SEOs, sure, why not.

I'll tag people with this... Let me think... My old time buddy Shawn Hogan. I bet Kim Krause Berg would have a colorful response. Let's tag another woman, Vanessa Fox because it has been 9 days since she updated her blog. How about ShoeMoney since he will be 100% honest with us. And we need someone from outside of the U.S., so how about DaveN, I am sure he will make us laugh.