Canon SD 500 BackI am so upset. I broke my camera again. It must have got kicked when on the plane.

It is a solid camera, but this is the second time I broke it. What happened was something smashed against the LCD screen. So I can't preview or see images I have just taken. I can still take pictures, but the preview is something I got accustomed to.

Last time Canon fixed it for me for free. But they did it as a one time courtesy. I doubt they will do it again.

How did this happen. I put my camera in a very padded camera bag on the side of my RustyBrick bag. I think the camera USB cable is in that bag and was pressing up against the LCD screen. When the bag was on the airplane, I suspect it got hit and the USB cable pressed up even harder into the LCD, cracking the inside of the screen - rendering it useless.

Just bummed about it.