smx_advanced-seattle.gifI love traveling and this Sunday night I am taking a flight from New York to Seattle for the SMX Advanced conference.

I thought I come up with a checklist of things I need to do before, during and after the flight:

Saturday Night:
- Go through emails for an hour (starting after 9pm)
- Go to RustyBrick
- Do RustyBrick month end billing (takes an hour)
- Get deposits ready for Ronnie (ten minutes)
- Pay consultants
- File away mail and pay any bills
- Clean up desk

Sunday Morning:
- Go through emails
- Go to RustyBrick
- Print SMX related papers; e-ticket, hotel reservations, agenda, party list, meeting list, etc.
- Put on away message only for voicemail
- Pack up necessary computer tools
- Organize office one more time (I like it clean when I leave for conference)

Sunday Afternoon:
- Go through emails (well, I do this all day, all the time)
- Take apart bbq grill
- Bring bbq grill to parents
- Put together bbq grill
- Pack frozen kosher meals
- Pack bread and snacks
- Pack a shirt
- Pack a pair of pants
- Pack under necessities
- Pack mobile toothbrush, mobile floss, mobile listerine, mobile toothpaste, etc.
- Don't forget mobile brush
- Shave!
- Make sure I packed everything (I am sure I am forgetting stuff now)
- Finish all this within 2.5 minutes

Sunday Evening
- Drive to airport and park
- Go through security (only a carry on)
- Go to continental presidential lounge thing
- Find Tamar and invite her to join
- Blog about nothing from the lounge
- Wait for flight
- Board
- Try to sleep and not
- Land
- Eject from plane
- Call Wife
- Get taxi with Tamar to hotel
- Checkin
- Shower
- Sleep

Monday Morning:
- ....

Monday Conference:

Monday Night:

Tuesday Morning:

Tuesday Conference:

Tuesday Night:
- Take Red Eye

Wednesday Morning
- Drive 1 hour to office at 6am to work a full day

I'll have to update this list as I go...