Strange Things at Seattle-Tacoma SEA AirportNow, Tamar and I are sitting in the Seattle/Tacoma International Airport (SEA) - Continental Presidents Club, which is tiny compared to the Newark version. We wrote several posts for the Search Engine Roundtable and scheduled them for tomorrow and then I posted a few more at Search Engine Land. Caught up on some email and misc emails. So now I thought I share some SEA weirdness with you...

So we went through security, which is a whole process for a geek and my bag got called out.

So the person inspecting the bags as they go through the xray machine asked for a "bag check." As the bag check lady came over, she seemed disinterested. She took my bag and said she has to inspect it. So I made a comment that it went through EWR no problem. She said, don't worry about it. She then said the xray machine operator is a nut and is driving her crazy. I am on her side, the line I was on was crazy slow - she basically called the inspector over for every four bags. That would drive anyone nuts.

Tamar and I got a chuckle out of that. Of course, I said that this is blog material - hence it is here.

That is the first weird thing. The next one happened as we were sitting in the club. A man walked in with ear phones. He then began singing the songs he was listening to. Don't believe me? See Tamar's twitter about it. He then stopped after Tamar twittered it, so I thought maybe he was on Twitter, but I guess not. He does it randomly now. So that was that.

This reminds me of another weird story from the Vegas airport, I believe about two years ago. Some security guard stopped me after going through the security check. He asked me if he can ask me a question. I said sure, since I was not in any rush. He asked me my thoughts on the Middle East Crisis between Israel and the surrounding countries. I was wearing my Kippah and it was obvious I was Jewish, and he admitted that he asked me because I was Jewish. So after we went through the Jewish thing, I said something to the effect of - "I am Jewish, what do you think I feel about it." He then agreed with me about that statement and that was all. I mean, I told him I don't like to talk about politics - so we left it at that.

There are some airport stories for you.