Last night I flew back from San Jose to New York. I got a pretty good seat, the row directly behind first class, but I was in a middle seat. But it was great leg room.

There was a woman on my right, by the window. She was absolutely tiny. Directly behind her was a tall, large man.

The tiny lady decided to move her seat back. The poor guy behind him had almost no room. He asked her not to recline her chair all the way back. She got upset. She didn't really speak english, but she said, she paid for the seat to recline and wants to recline. He explained that he had no leg room, so please just recline a bit, since you have a ton of leg room.

She walked over to the flight attendant and complained. The flight attendant came over and tried to work it out. She asked the man to move to a different seat, he didnt want to. She asked the lady to switch seats with the man, she said no. She then put her hands up in the air and said, "children, you need to work this out yourselves." She then walked away. Personally, I felt the flight attendant could of been more professional, even though these two people were a bit crazy. But in any event, it was funny.

This tiny lady, who needed absolutely no room, refused to make it more comfortable for this large man.

There should be a rule. People under x feet tall and weigh less than x pounds should not be allowed to sit in a chair like that. :)