IMG_2674.JPGAs many of you know, I go to a ton of search conferences. From SES (which I am at now), to WebmasterWorld, to the new Search Marketing Expo - I hit them all.

Most of them are flowered with night events, where different vendors and agencies sponsor parties, dinners and more.

Now, a lot of people know, I tend to not stay late at those parties and sometimes I don't stop by at all.

Some people want to know why. Here are some reasons:

(1) During conferences, companies tend to want to release their new features and products. So not only do I spend all day covering the conference sessions and presentations, I need to wake up at 4am to cover all the news from those releases. So staying out late, simply doesn't mesh with waking up at 4am and also having to be able to cover late day releases.

(2) I honestly do not enjoy parties, I like noise free environments, and silence. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy talking with people, I just like to do it in a low monotone voice.

(3) I am simply tired.

How can you help me attend parties?

(1) Stop announcing things during these conferences.

(2) Don't email me things that can wait until after the conference.

(3) Have noise-free parties.

But seriously, tonight is the Google Dance, I will be there (Ill probably be one of the first ones to leave) but I hope to see you there.

In addition, do not miss our live radio show tonight. I posted the details at the Search Engine Roundtable, please stop by, if you have time.