rb-fair-banner[2]Rand asked me if I would answer some that should tell him and the world is RustyBrick is a great company or not. So why not...

Does RustyBrick Have Level 5 Leadership?
Level 5 leadership is a leader(s) that has "humility + will, ambition for the company (rather than themselves as individuals), compelling modesty, strong resolve to confront tough problems and make hard decisions, and, finally, a consistency in praising others for the company's successes and blaming themselves for its failures."

I guess I am one of the leaders of RustyBrick, the other is my brother, Ronnie who is the technology leader. I think I am somewhat humble, and I have an ambition for the company rather for myself (I think), I feel I am modest (you tell me), I don't like making hard decisions but I have to solve some problems and I never blame someone else (outside of the leaders) for company failures.

Do We Have the Right People in the Right Seats?
Tough one. Everyone has so many seats, its hard to say. We do not take the approach of hiring people without having something for them to do. So we probably do not get the grade "Great" for this one.

Do We Confront the Brutal Facts?
Same here, I guess we are too small to consider certain facts to be "brutal." Nothing great for us here, simply good.

What is Our Hedgehog Concept?
It can't just be standard consulting and coding. We need to add more, as we have. But we have way more to go. I think software applications is RB's hedgehog concept.

Have We Created a Culture of Discipline?
RB is so handoff, that I am not sure we have. I do my best to give the employees freedom. They know what they have to get done, they get it done and everyone is happy. Culture, I am not sure we have a strong culture at RB. Is it a bad thing? I don't think it's bad, I just don't think its great either.

Are We Turning the Flywheel?
We are constantly churning things out, but much of it the public won't see. We keep churning, more work leads to more work. So I guess, we kind of have a flywheel, if I understand it.

What does all this mean? See Rand's post.

Grade my company... I just can't.