Jimmy Buffett Bama Breeze at MSG Live

As I promised, I will be posting live coverage periodically of the Jimmy Buffet and the Coral Reefer Band Concert tonight. I am now in a skybox, at the back right of the stage, at Madison Square Garden.

Here is a picture of my view.
Stage: Jimmy Buffett Concert

They started playing this opera music and now two guys are warming up the crowd. Should be starting any minute now...

hot hot hot song is over and Jimmy Buffett came onto stage on a bicycle. Here they go....

Song 1: On the Road Again

"Tuesday night, starting the weekend early" he said.

"Long distance between Tuesday and Saturday", he added.

Just find the set list over here tomorrow.

Jimmy Buffest Bama Breeze Live

Here are more pictures live as I upload them via a flash player, scroll through them yourself...

Ha, he just said tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day... Guess what, I have a theme going live at Search Engine Roundtable in ten minutes for the day.

Talk Like a Pirate Day SER

Video is live...

Don't forget, listen live at http://www.radiomargaritaville.com/.

More videos:

Last one, shutting the computer down: