spamsieveEmail spam stinks, really stinks. I personally have the Barracuda spam filter sitting on the server level, which is supposed to block email spam. It does block a lot of spam, but simply not enough.

Sitting on my email client, Apple Mail is a desktop based spam filter named SpamSieve. It works absolute wonders and blocks what Barracuda doesn't block. Here are stats I pulled from SpamSieve just a few minutes ago.

Filtered Mail
33,789 Good Messages
12,826 Spam Messages (28%)
42 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
122 False Positives
185 False Negatives (60%)
99.3% Correct

2,348 Good Messages
2,871 Spam Messages (55%)
233,887 Total Words

486 Blocklist Rules
4,562 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
1/1/07 1:17 AM

Not bad for 11 months of work.

Thanks SpamSieve!

Now, if you could only work on my iPhone. :)