Convection Microwave OvenYesterday afternoon, I ran into a problem. I was hungry when I got back from work, my wife was out and I wanted to eat something. I opened the fridge and found a box of pizza bagels, yum yum.

So I took it out and I wanted to heat it up using our Convection Microwave Oven, I think it is this model. We were told to obtain this one, because it cooks like an oven, if you do not want to use your oven for small quick cooking.

So the pizza bagel was meant for this microwave. I would pop it in the microwave, and it would come out crispy and not soggy like most microwaves.

But I had an issue. It is a microwave. Do I use paper or tinfoil? If it is an oven and cooks like an oven, using paper can cause a fire. If it is a microwave and cooks like an oven, then using tinfoil would spark things and cause an electrical fire. What to do...

I decided to go with paper and watch it. If the paper starts to burn or get black, I would stop the thing and take it out. Guess what? I was right, the paper worked fine and the pizza bagels came out crisp and yummy.

Did I do the right thing? I still don't know, but it worked.