It feels so weird to be at my home base while everyone else in the SEM space is in Chicago or Vegas at a conference.

Most people I know in the industry went to PubCon Vegas. I do know plenty that went to SES Chicago.

But I couldn't pick one over the other so I stayed home.

Nah, that wasn't the reason. I am just tired of traveling, so I took December off - off from traveling.

I head to Israel in late January for SMX Israel, an event I will be running with a few Israeli SEO friends in early February (more details on that sometime this week, I hope). Then when I come back to the States from Israel, I head off to SMX West for that long conference.

I miss everyone at SES Chicago and PubCon Vegas. Tamar is there representing and yes, we got mad coverage of the conferences at the Search Engine Roundtable.