Remember my posts on the iPhone popcorn and goldfish on my iPhone? Remember those?

Well, it is time for me to come clean. I really can't make real popcorn on my iPhone. Nor are there any real goldfish swimming around in my iPhone. I am so sorry for lying to you all. I feel ashamed and I feel like I stole from you. So it is time for me to come clean!

These are all tricks. They come from a company named HotTrix. They are basically iPod movies you download to your iPhone and then play. Here is a video demonstrating how to play these videos after you download them to your iPhone.

Steve, the CEO of HotTrix emailed me asking me if I wanted to test more tricks. Why? Well, because my video has way more views than his video. Why do I have more views? A Google search on iphone popcorn returns my video at the top:

iPhone Popcorn Trick

He has many more tricks, so check them out at HotTrix today!