design_keyboardanim20070208.gifI dropped off my laptop with at Apple Store Friday at about 2pm, after getting it back Apple ProCare for $99, I would be guaranteed to have it within 24 hours. So, I signed up.

I came home and I received a call at about 4:15pm, ten minutes before I had to go offline for Shabbos, that the computer was fixed. I told them I would come by Saturday night to pick it up, since I was unable to make it there and back before Shabbos.

I am also very glad they did it before Shabbos actually started. I was hoping they would do it either before or after Shabbos, this way I know a Jewish person did not work for me on Shabbos... So I am relieved about that.

It was weird typing with the keyboard. S, tab, esc, X and cutting text, all worked. I was so not use to it working. Glad to have those keys back!