design_keyboardanim20070208.gifI am no back home, typing thi blog entry on my broken MacBook Pro keyboard. Apple hould of fied it by no, like I mentioned at MacBook Pro Keyboard Issues or did I?

Try to figure out hat I am riting, and hich key are broken from ho I type thi blog pot...

Anyay, I brought my laptop to the Apple tore after convincing one of the Geniue to replace the keyboard on my laptop the ame day. He aid, bring it in no and e ill fi it the ame day. o I brought it in and he did the paper ork and I aked. ill you be here hen it i fied. He aid no, he leave at 5pm. o I aid, are you ure it ill be fied. He promied me, it ould be fied by the end of the day, by 9:30.

By 7pm I a getting nervou. I decided to go back to the Apple tore, ince I had to make a return at Macy' for my ife. I made the return and then ent to the Apple tore on the 1t floor of the mall. I aked for an update on the tatu and the oman aid, you jut brought it in today - thee take a couple day. I then eplained that Keith promied me it ould be done today and one of the geniu guy confirmed hearing that. But it a already 8pm and they didn't have time to finih. o I decided to take my laptop back.

A you can ee, many key imply don't ork. It i incredibly frutrating, incredibly!

Tab key, ec key and the key that are miing in my glaring typo don't ork....

Can you gue hich key don't ork?

An eternal keyboard ork fine, o at ork I am fine. Jut hen I get home and type do I have problem. I.e. on the laptop keyboard.

Tomorro I'll call Keith and ak him hat he can do. I can't be aay from my laptop for a full day, I jut cant.

Good night folk and ih me luck!