IMG_2674.JPGPeople ask me why I typically don't attend the after hours parties at conferences. There are a few reasons:

(1) I am a boring person. :)
(2) I'm fairly quiet and like places that aren't noisy.
(3) I am so tired at the end of the day.

Let's look at the upcoming SMX that I am leaving for tonight. I will be landing, with Tamar, at midnight EST time. By the time we get to our rooms, it will likely be well after midnight. I'll do work as soon as I get to the room and finally go to sleep maybe midnight PST time. I will then get up at 5am PST due to lag and cause I have to do work. What will I be doing? Everything I do every day, pretty much but with less help. Danny and Chris are running the conference. Tamar is exclusive to conference coverage only at conferences. But I like to do it all.

  • I'll do emails when I get up
  • I'll do forum research
  • I'll blog forum topics at SER
  • I'll do RSS and seo research
  • I'll blog at SEL
  • I'll probably then pray, shower, eat
  • More of the above and deal with RB stuff
  • With minutes to spare, Ill run down to the convention center and then do live blogging
  • While live blogging, Ill do the above items throughout the day
  • Meet with companies and friends in the industry
  • Stop off in exhibit hall to say hi to friends
  • Keep this up throughout the day
  • Go back to room to do recaps of the day's news, coverage and stuff
  • More RB work
  • Eat frozen kosher dinner meal cold
  • Quick run to a party and say hi and then leave soon after
  • Head back to hotel room for more work
  • Shower, rest and sleep
  • Back up at 5am PST repeat from top

Most people are tired during conferences but I am often too tired for the parties. So I need to apologize in advance if I can't make a party or a dinner invitation.

One thing I am not looking forward to is doing all of this on Thursday and then taking a 10pm PST flight back to NY. Getting off the plane at 5am (EST) on Friday, driving my car back to the office, and working a full day.

At least I can sleep 12 hours Friday night to catch up.

I should add... I know a lot of other people continue their day jobs and other responsibilities while on conferences. I am not the only one and some of those people even manage to party all night.