Kevin Heisler wrote at the Search Engine Watch News blog that I left Search Engine Land and joined Search Engine Journal based on a piece of scraper content. Scraper content is basically a robot that steals content from several sites and combines them to try to make them unique. In short, it put my name on content stolen from Search Engine Journal, so Kevin either thought it would be funny to say I now work at Search Engine Journal or he was fooled by a scraper site.

Either way, I am not working for Search Engine Journal, even though I have the utmost respect for Loren Baker, I am just not writing for him.

Even though Kevin added "corrections" to his post, I think it is still confusing people. I received and noticed tons of twitters this morning, not understanding the SEW blog post or the correction.

Again, I am still writing at Search Engine Roundtable and Search Engine Land. It is honestly a shame to see that post on SEW, a shame.