iPhone SDKSo today, Apple held their iPhone developer thing...

I watched several blogs live blog the event, but for you, I think Engadget does a great job if you are just catching up now (they use the oldest to newest format, so it reads the right way for you guys not watching live.

In short, the SDK seems to rock. Rock so much that if you have an idea for a cool iPhone application, let me know and I will try to build it.

So leave your suggestions for the iPhone application you think would be cool and we may just build it for you.

Some ideas I had include:

- Prayer book for Jews (current one I use only works when you are online)
- QuickBooks application to look up customer balances, invoices, etc.

Any other thoughts? It is hard for me to think of desktop based applications. I am more about web based apps...

More info can be found at iPhone Developer Connection and iPhone Enterprise (which I didn't mention here).