SES NYI admit it, I am seriously not looking forward to SES NY. Why? Cause I hate SEW, SES, Incisive Media! There I said it. Nah, I am just kidding. I have no hate towards them - they are a nice group of people, especially those working at SEW and trying to replace Danny and my role (you devils!). Nah, seriously, I am kidding - we love each other, just ask Kevin, Kevin and Kevin.

Why am I really not looking forward to it?

(1) No sleep
(2) The commute stinks (easily 2 hours of angry traffic each way)
(3) Covering sessions that I heard 30 times before is painful
(4) Not being at work is stressful
(5) Being mean when people ask to go out for dinner and saying you can't cause you need to get up at 5 to get to work done before the conference starts, is upsetting.
(6) Walking and driving in the city is uncomfortable, to say the least

Honestly, I feel this way even about going to other conferences - minus the commute. At least I can easily find kosher food at the NY conferences.