This is incredibly frustrating. I put like 30 minutes into making a video in iMovie. I then upload it to YouTube directly from iMovie. The video is then visible but then after five minutes it says "This video is unavailable." But it is available!

Here is what I see in my video's section:

YouTube iMovie Issue

It says "Live," yes, live. And so far, three people viewed it and no one else because its not available anymore, even though it still says live.

Here is what happens when you play the video:

YouTube iMovie Issue

Again, it says live on my side. If I try to reupload it, it says there is a duplicate version and you can't upload it. Trust me, in a couple hours, the video will be playable again. I just don't know when, so this is frustrating, to say the least.

Here is the video, SMX West 2008 Highlight Video...