Baby Sleeping in My OfficeMy brother's kid had to come to the office today for an hour or so. During that time, she ended up playing with something in my office.

She then got up, walked into the corner of the room and laid down.

Seconds later, she was out cold. Sleeping away. So my brother first tried offering her a pillow but that didn't work out too well. He then grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures.

Now, how often do I have kids falling asleep in my office? This is the first time. I am sure, some of you have home offices, and this may not be uncommon for you - but very uncommon here.

Anyway, she then woke up 15 minutes later and looked around. She seemed a bit frightened, and I told her that her dad was in the office next door. She walked over there and then seconds later, I hear a big cry. I scoot over to his door and close it.

Why did I close the door. People were on the phone with clients, and it might sound weird hearing a kid crying in the background.