So I have been sick since Saturday night/Sunday morning. I typically get sick on holidays or weekends, not sure why - but normally when I get really sick, it happens on days I am off anyway. Sometimes, these sicknesses linger into work days - I hate when that happens.

Monday, I was off for Passover. Tuesday, I was hoping to come back, but I was too sick. My wife made me go to the doctor - who happens to be in the same building as my office, so before and after the doctor visit, I spent some time in the office (with fever). In fact, I actually interviewed a new PHP candidate for a job, in person.

Today, I think my fever is beginning to break. I got into the office after 10am. I am absolutely exhausted already. What is with these flus that they not only kick you when your sick, but linger on and on with being weak days after?

I hope I get back to 100% (if I was ever a 100%) soon. Not being able to be quick quick quick, is really bothersome.