toiletThis afternoon, the bathrooms on my floor were closed for construction. Just a few minutes ago, I decided to stop by and take care of business.

When I opened the bathroom door, I noticed the lights automatically turned on. In addition, I also noticed the bathroom light switched was removed. It seems like they installed a light sensor, that turns off the light after X minutes of motionless observation and then turns the light back on when the sensor detects motion.

I looked around for the location of the motion detector, but I wasn't able to quickly find it.

Then I thought... How funny would it be if someone was taking care of business and the bathroom went dark on him or her. Yea, these things make me laugh - pretty sad. I have heard of situations where the lights go out while people are at their desk 'working,' due to inactivity. But while you are taking care of business? I guess anything is possible.

Honestly, if circumstances allowed - I would likely install these things in my house.