TLDs for $300KMany of you already saw the article from the Wall Street Journal named Web Domains Could Expand Broadly Under New Plan.

If not, in short it says, the company that manages the domain names, ICANN, said they will be offering a plan for companies and organizations to purchase their own TLD (top level domain). A told level domain is the .com or .net or portion of the domain name. So's TLD is the .com. Now, I do not own the .com portion, I own the cartoonbarry portion.

ICANN is structuring a way to allow the sale of TLDs. So if IBM wanted their own TLD, they can get .ibm. If New York City wanted their own TLD, they can get .nyc. But it doesn't come cheap. The Wall Street Journal said the "cost somewhere between $100,000 and $500,000."

It isn't a crazy or unreasonable price. I say, we (SEOs & SEMs) pool together funds under an organization (SEMPO?) to purchase .SEO and .SEM (.SMO for socials?). What you think? Worth it? Think Google will ban the .seo TLDs before they even come out? ;-)