flickrThis Sunday night is the start of the Shavuot (שבועות) holiday. That means that I will be offline, no blogging, no email, no phone, for a 50 hour period or so. I am offline Monday and Tuesday - so please don't email me or call me and leave a voicemail. Also, please make sure there is no news during those two days. ;-)

What is Shavout? Um, I talked about it last year, so go read it here.

For those of you celebrating - good Yom Tov. For those of you not - have a happy Monday and Tuesday.

My wife and I are having my parents over, so that should be fun.

Don't expect any blog posts here during those days. We do have scheduled blog posts for the Search Engine Roundtable.

Oh, what is with the picture? It is from, I found it at Flickr.