I am really working myself up about getting the iPhone on July 11th at 8am.

I called the mall to find out if they are open 24/7 and they are. So now I need to decide if I dare sleep in the mall or just get there extremely early.

The mall does have both an Apple Store and AT&T store. I prefer to go to the Apple store, cause that is part of the whole experience. So that will be my first choice. The Apple Store is F1 (labeled with the green bow), the AT&T store is H1. They are both on the same level, each about 5 minutes from each other.

Palisades Center Mall Floor Plan

I'll have my computer and wireless broadband card with me. So I will do my morning blogging from the mall. I will also provide cover the iPhone day event from the Palisades Center Mall.

I still have several decisions to make:

(1) Sleep over?
(2) If not sleeping over, what time to I get to the Apple Store?
(3) If Apple Store is a zoo, do I take the risk of trying the AT&T store and lose my spot at the Apple Store?
(4) If it is a long wait, do I pack food?
(5) Do I get the 8GB or 16GB version? White or black? (probably black).