I just received an email from an Apple "iTunes Finance" representative in response to the ETA of contract approval. He said:

We are in the process of setting you up as a vendor in our financial systems globally (SAP) to accept the sales postings to your account. Due to volume, we can only setup about 2,500 per week in five regions. The normal turnaround time for this process is about 21 days, but we are trying to get this down to 10-14 days.

Unfortunately, it takes time to establish your retail presence in more than 70 countries, but I can assure you this is a one time wait. After your contract(s) are activated, the process becomes more automated.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

So does that mean, Apple is setting me up right now? "We are in the process of setting you up as a vendor." Or in general, your in the queue, and it takes "about 21 days." If it is 21 days, then that would be as long as August 14th (a week from tomorrow). That is, if that is not business days.

As you can see, the wait is killing me.

So from the wording in the email, you think sooner or later?