Still "Pending Contract"I have a tab open in my browser, I refresh it like a hundred times a day. The tab is the page that shows the status of the iPhone Application we submitted, the iPhone Siddur, Zmanim, Minyain app and soon to have "Luach" (Jewish calendar).

As you can see, we submitted it on July 25th. On August 1st, it was rejected for a feature being missing. We then resubmitted it, with a batch of new features. The application was then approved on the 4th, but it is still pending the legal team to approve my contracts.

Now the contracts are all digitally signed documents, with EFT for banking. It is mostly automated. But it seems like an Apple legal rep needs to manually review each before the account is allowed to sell apps on the Apple Store.

So now, we wait for Apple to give us legal approval. I keep refreshing the page, over and over again. Why? Cause we want to push this version out so we can release the next version, which is awesome!

If you know anyone at Apple, please see if they can expedite it for me. Please? :)