So, how do I look before and after a full day of live blogging?

Andy Beal candidly snapped a picture of myself with Steve Boymel before the kick off of a morning keynote at PubCon. See how I look lucid, somewhat energetic. I am multi-tasking, talking on the phone, pretending to listen to someone, while likely scanning RSS feeds or replying to an email?

Barry Schwartz & Steve Boymel

Notice the guy taking a picture of Andy, while he takes a picture of us.

The next picture is from Marty Weintraub, it was taken either before or after the last session of the day. Look at how I am trying to look awake and lucid - but I am not.

Barry Schwartz

So that is how I look like before and after live blogging, if you have never seen me do that.

How about speaking? Lee Odden captured me on one of the panels (not sure how he did it when he was on this panel with me, cloaker!). Here it is:

Barry Schwartz

Yes, it is true, my eyes turn white when I speak. Not sure why, no doctor has figured it out yet.