SonogramI have pretty big news that I am finally able to share with you all. I am pregnant. Well, I'm technically not pregnant, but my wife is, so we are pregnant. This would be my first child and I am incredibly excited.

Not sure if you Twitter followers remember, but back on September 4th I twittered "OMG!" at 10:48 AM (EST). That is when I first found out. Then to be safe, we did another test at 6:08 PM, where I said "OMG!" again. Yes, it was positive again. Then the following morning, we tried one more time on September 5th at 2:27 AM (that seems way too early, I think it was later) and yes, it was "OMG!" positive! The final "OMG!" was when we got the confirmation from the Doctor at 11:18 AM that we were indeed pregnant!

So now, it is five months later and thank G-d, every thing looks to be healthy. We went for the hour long sonogram today and we saw the whole body including nose, eyes, head, ears, legs, fingers, toes, heart, belly, etc etc. It was a very rememberable experience.

In summary, we're pregnant. :)

FYI, the picture above is a random picture from Flickr that came up for the keyword search "sonogram."

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