Monitor Bug With MacBook ProsI seem to be an Apple bug reported here... In any event, I wanted to document a weird issue I started noticing two days ago. When I connect my MacBook Pro to an external display, in my case the Apple Cinema Display 23", and then wake my computer up from a quick nap (sleep mode), it gets very upset with me and goes crazy. It isn't every time, it is randomly, so I had to do a few takes to get it on camera, but I captured it.

Now, this is also being documented in a long Apple Discussions thread, but I think I may be the first to take a video.

Watch in the video below, how upset my computer gets when I wake it up... In you don't want to watch the video, I captured a still frame from the video and put it up to the right of this post.

You can see a higher resolution version at YouTube, but you need to click on "Watch in higher quality" directly under the video on the right hand corner.